About Safeways Safety Gear

BE SAFE BE SEEN. That is the motto of Safeways, based in Oostvoorne (Netherlands). And under that flag Safeways manufactures a range safety products which ensures greater visibility and protection for every road user. And more visibility means more safety.
Safeways develops and produces products, with two characteristics in common:
• These are unique, patented or model protected products
• These are products with added value in traffic for cyclists, skater, jogger or runner, horseback rider or motorist.
Also Safeways develops and produces private label products on behalf of other brands. With its own research in Dongguan (China) and Export office and development center in Taichung (Taiwan) Safeways all your needs (and ours) to fill with meaningful and uniquely designed products that contribute to the safety of road users.
Safeways maintains a worldwide network of importers, wholesalers and dealers who sell its products (again).
Safeways.eu is a website of Expo Verkoop- en Financieringsmaatschappij BV, acting as Safeways.Expo Sales and Finance BV recorded since 26 October 1965 at the Chamber of Commerce in Rotterdam under number 33.178.026
VAT number Expo BV is NL001535663B01

Office and warehouse:
Dalweg 19 • 3233 • KK Oostvoorne Netherlands
+31 (0) 181 486 122 (office) • +31 (0) 653 346 356 (mobile)
email: info@safeways.eu
Bank details
ING Bank Account number: 17.20.673 of Expo BV
IBAN: NL34INGB0001720673