The Certus K-Star has been tested as the best cyclist helmet 2015 in Germany. For the test, the famous ADAC has all helmets purchased anonymously in local stores and online shops. The test winner was the model Certus K-Star, “combines the best ratings with a low purchase price” which was the conclusion of the Automobile Club.

Reflective paint you can spray onto your bike, clothes, helmet, whatever. It was trending topic on social media, and admit, it looks effective and efficient. Buy the spray for 18 eu for your clothes, or 25 eu for hardware, spray it and you will be visible in the dark. Would life be that easy? If you’re looking for a short term

Fluorescent or Reflective?

Thursday, 08 January 2015 by

High-visibility clothing is clothing made of fluorescent material with added reflective tape or shapes. The sun’s ultraviolet rays react with the fluorescent colours to make them appear to ‘glow’ increasing daytime visibility. The effect is stronger in poor light conditions such as in fog or towards dusk. At night, light from sources such as car