Safeways LED power signal lamp

Powerful, warning lamp for extra lighting. Highly effective and convenient to use. Also very functional on a (sailing)boat or at your campsite.

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The Safeways Power Signal lamp is the lamp that you use a strong warning signal or for additional exposure. The lamp is in fact equipped with 6 red flashing LEDs and 5 white permanently lit LEDs. Powerful LEDs that switch as desired by push-button. The lamp can also be adjusted to angles of 140 degrees to put the foot, for example roadside as a warning to following traffic. The lamp can be used to the flexible suspension bracket, even once suspended from anywhere. The lamp is splash-free.

That makes the Safeways Power Signal lamp a tool that every car owner should have standard with them.

Let your limit especially because this lamp is also very functional in other situations: a (sailing) boat, camping, as a signaling lamp for still dark objects on the road, etc.

Specifications • 6 red power LEDs • 5 powerful white LEDs • Pushbutton with two functions: flashing red signal or white permenant signal continuously adjustable relative to the base to 45 degrees • magnetic base • adjustable flexible bracket • spatter • 3 AA batteries





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