safeways kids high visibility safety vest/KED-FV08B kids

Safeways kids safety vest

Traffic safety vest, even when the children are playing and sporting.



Traffic safety, even when the children are playing and sports are. In fluorescent yellow with reflective stripes, 100% nylon.
One size: 48 cm long x 39cm wide. It can be provided with a print.

We should not even think about that something happens to our children when they cycle to school or home. Therefore it is important that they stand out, especially when the children move to an activity of the school, playgroup or child in traffic. As they walk hand in hand for example the street to gym class, in school or going on school camp on the bike.

Upon purchase of a minimum of 25 pieces € 3.75 per piece

Upon purchase of a minimum of 50 pieces € 3.00 per piece


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