Safeways kids cycling reflective helmet Meggy

The 360 ​​degrees reflective helmet for kids. Offers optimal visibility.




The 360 ​​degrees reflective helmet for kids. This helmet is made with the patented Safeways reflective material. The highest degree of reflection occurs when light shines in darkness on the helmet. This is the highest level of reflection, guaranteed.

The helmet is equipped with infinitely adjustable closure for the perfect fit. At the same time this closure also contains red LEDs for active visibility. A white LED is built-in at the front.

Available in two sizes: small / medium (49-53) and 52-58 (medium) and in 3 colors: blue, green and violet.

Helmets of Safeways are powered by KED, Europe’s largest manufacturer of helmets.

What size? Though all our helmets are adjustable for the perfect fit, measuring your size is essential. Take a measure tape and measure the circumference of your head about a centimeter above your eyebrows. Choose where your helmet size fits most in the middle of the size range. Have you put a head circumference of 56 centimeters and a helmet is for sale in size 52-56 (S) or 55-58 (M), then choose so for the 55-58. A helmet fits if you feel no pressure points and it is not too much in your head. But he must of course be securely and all our helmets are adjustable for the perfect fit.

And … a helmet that does not fit snugly, will not be used.

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small/medium (49-55), medium (52-58)