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Einstein design helmet

The Einstein inside helmet is based on the Risco, an urban cycling helmet for adult. Unique Limited edition Collection.

Red Roses all round helmet

Part of the limited edition collection helmets, this Risco helmet Red Roses. Designed and produced by Safeways Helmets. Unique in the world.

(Nederlands) Bijzondere paardrijcap / spring- en dressuurhelm met grafisch kant patroon

(Nederlands) Unieke paardrijcap / spring- en dressuurhelm met grafisch kant design


(Nederlands) Unieke paardrijcap / spring- en dressuurhelm met schildpad design

(Nederlands) Slechts in zeer beperkte oplage op voorraad.


Reflective LED power snap band 40 cm

This reflective LED power snap band provides safe jogging, cycling and walking in darkness. 
 11,50 12,50

Safeways allround power vest

Light weight allround safety power vest, with built in lightning system. For recreastive athletes as well as for professional usage.
 9,95 17,50

Safeways Flashing warning triangle

Unique warning triangle with 18 LED flash lights. Provides extra visibility up to 1000 mtrs.

Safeways kids cycling helmet 5Forty m

Trendy extremely lightweight helmet for kids. 

Safeways kids cycling reflective helmet Meggy

The 360 ​​degrees reflective helmet for kids. Offers optimal visibility.

Safeways oversized power LED safety vest

This oversized safety vest has adduitional build in lightsystem with 6 LED’s for visibility up to 1000 mtrs.