Horse riding

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(Nederlands) Bijzondere paardrijcap / spring- en dressuurhelm met grafisch kant patroon

(Nederlands) Unieke paardrijcap / spring- en dressuurhelm met grafisch kant design


(Nederlands) KED Pink Phantasy paardrijcap / spring- en dressuurhelm

(Nederlands) Hoogwaardige paardrijcap / spring- en dressuurhelm in roze met sweet phantasy design


(Nederlands) Paardrijcap / spring- en dressuurhelm met bruine lederlook

(Nederlands) Geweldige luxe paardrijhelm, met zeer uniek design. Merk KED, model Tara.


(Nederlands) Unieke paardrijcap / spring- en dressuurhelm met schildpad design

(Nederlands) Slechts in zeer beperkte oplage op voorraad.


Lightweight fluorescent hiviz safety vest

The fluorescent lightweight safety vest is provided with retro-reflective tapes.Designed to transfer sporty clothes but is chosen much as a professional comfortable safety vest.
 8,95 9,95

Reflective helmet horse ride competition Paso

The reflective helmet Paso is a competition horse ride helmet taht offers you all you’re looking for in a helmet.

Reflective hivis LED snap band 23 cm

Safe jogging, cycling and walking. Use the Safeways power snap band with LEDs to be easily visible to other traffic, up to 400 meters away.

Reflective LED power snap band 40 cm

This reflective LED power snap band provides safe jogging, cycling and walking in darkness. 
 11,50 12,50

Safeways allround power vest

Light weight allround safety power vest, with built in lightning system. For recreastive athletes as well as for professional usage.
 9,95 17,50

Safeways athlete high visibility LED safety vest

The lightweight soft mesh safety vest for the avid athletes.