How visible are you as a runner?

by / Friday, 07 November 2014 / Published in Visibility

Are you going to work out in the dark? Or working? Visibility in the twilight or darkness is vital. The numbers do not lie: in plain dark clothes visibility is limited to about 20 meters and ordinary light clothing up to 50 meters in dark conditions. Most reflective and hi-viz clothing expands this to about 400 meters, but a light source are directed there. Optimal is wearing Safeways proactive clothing and / or materials with LEDs. Then you are already visible at about 1000 meters, even though there seems no light on you (for example, on a winding road).

Do not wait for an accident but make proactive safety of yourself and your loved ones!

Deze illustratie geeft aan dat een auto die 50 km per uur rijdt, niet op tijd stopt als je in het donker donkere kleding draagt (remweg: 26 meter). Lichte kleding in het donker is op 50 meter zichtbaar maar de auto, die 120 km per uur rijdt, heeft een remweg van 102 meter. Wil je heel goed zichtbaar zijn, draag dan reflecterende kleding met LED's: zichtbaar op 1000 meter afstand.
A car driving 50 kms per hour, can’t stop in time if you are within 20 meters in the dark wearing dark clothing (braking distance: 26 meters). Light clothing is visible in the dark at 50 meters but the car, with a speed of 120 km per hour, has a braking distance of 102 meters. Would you really be visible, wear reflective clothing with LEDs: Shown on 1000 meters distance.